ponedjeljak, 7. siječnja 2013.

My side of the story


My side of the story is somewhere between
The Good and the Evil, the third and the seventh sin
My side of the story is beyond every sight
I'm playing God but only when I write

I'm far from beginning and too close to the edge
Don't bother with endings, don't thinking about pledge
Don't thinking about quitting, don't bother with downs
I'm far from the end like sorrow from clowns

I don't thinking 'bout boredom, don't bother with things
Don't missing those things, those miserable links
I'm not begging 'til finish and I'm finishing from the start
All my fucking life, trying not to be apart

But there is no end
like mixing the blend
So, fuck off my darling…
…beaches are made of sand...
By Lido

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